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Magali - Lady Gawain
19 octobre 2016 @ 03:24

shoot me a message or a comment. cheers.
Magali - Lady Gawain

A very auspicious occasion is upon us. Jordan's birthday (on July 13th)!!!!!! In honour of this day, Marta and I have decided to host a ficathon for the sweetest OT3 there is from the show that ruined our lives. Mostly this is Marta's fault, I am but an innocent bystander *grins*.

Rules of the engagement...

  1. Anything involving Clarke Griffin, Raven Reyes and Bellamy Blake together is fair game. You can also prompt/write any combinations of this triad e.g. Clarke/Raven (PLEASE), Raven/Bellamy. But we really urge everyone to explore the polyamory -- many problems in this world could be solved by polyamory. Canon stories, non-canon alternative universes (zombie apocalypses and secret agents, superheroes and magical people, cops and robbers, mechanics and starched linen princesses, werewolves and con-people, genderswap) -- PICK YOUR POISON, clamber onto a rocket and blast into space with it.

  2. If you're not in a writing mood, art and fanmixes are more than welcome as well, let's just make this a jamboree of epic proportions, y/y?

  3. Prompt as much as you want. The more the better because we can keep this party going forever. But, please make a separate comment for each prompt..

  4. When you fill a prompt, please leave a comment here (link, title, warnings, prompt). You can post your fills here or on your own journals/AO3 accounts.

  5. Feedback is awesome. Truly, even if you don't write anything and are here for the ride.

  6. Have a blast!

If you would like to make a banner(s) to add to Marta's gorgeous creation (has a more perfect cap ever existed? I think not!), please post here. Questions/comments/general and excessive flail here.
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Magali - Lady Gawain
29 novembre 2012 @ 21:37
Against my better judgment, I find myself here. Please, please, come let's reason together....

this is what i like... i like a lot of thingsRéduire )

NOTE: I am actually really happy receiving drabbles, 100-200 word nuggets of deliciousness are more than welcome here. Also, if I awkwardly start writing fic for myself, stop me.

spoiled for choice (fandoms)Réduire )
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